Yoga For Back Pain Relief

Some over-the-counter and prescribed medications provide a quick fix for back pain, they’re often associated with unfavorable digestive or cognitive side affects and they may only offer temporary relief. More serious is that pain medication is associated with potential addiction issues according to Alcohol and Drug Review.

Yoga For Back Pain Relief
Yoga For Back Pain Relief


Ready to skip the meds and experience real relief now? Try yoga practice. A studypublished by The Annals of Internal Medicine shows that keeping fit with yoga can decrease your back pain.

Here are some yoga poses that can help:

 Start with Downward Dog

You’ve no doubt seen the Downward Dog pose performed by yoga groups at the park. This relaxing pose is an ideal warm-up to advanced poses ahead. You’ll feel a relieving, lengthening stretch in your lower back, while maintaining confidence if your balance and equilibrium still need work as you stabilize.

How to:

  • From your hips, gently bend forward toward floor.
  • Place hands flat on mat in front of you.
  • Settle “into” your feet by flattening on mat.
  • You’ll know your hands are far enough away from your feet if your hips and abdomen feel open.

Good for:

  • A big stretch through the lower back
  • Strengthening lower back and hamstrings

Go with the flow of Sun Salutations 

The fluid movement of the Sun Salutations will not only energize your body, they’ll energize your mind and tell it to start sending blood and nutrients to tissues that may be in pain.

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Variations of these poses can be found at

by Yoga Instructor, Melissa Harris for Sampan

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